You Are Stronger Than You Imagine….

‘Oh but I can’t’ 

‘Oh but darling what if you CAN’ 🤷🏼‍♀️

‘I can’t ‘is a very common word I hear. 

Which is where having a personal trainer or being part of a gym community comes in. You get empowered to try…..

I think strength is feeling empowered enough to ‘give it a go anyway’. Feeling strong enough to try, to not care if you fail or to find a way that you CAN do it. 

Most females are almost auto programmed to believe they are not strong, thinking ‘their arms are weak’ when actually it’s 45% attitude, 45% technique (knowing HOW to) and 10% strength. 

Believe you CAN 

Know HOW to

Then just go for it regardless! 

You are NOT weak. 

You ARE stronger than you imagine 

You can do whatever you see anyone else doing. 

When you walk through the doors for your first session at S75 Fitness, you will be empowered from the start. Empowered to try new things, empowered to learn how to do things you didn’t think you could do & empowered enough to release that inner and outer strength! 

This past year we have heard a lot about our health and what we can do to protect our NHS. I honestly believe this starts down at the bottom, it starts from what we decide to eat, how much water we drink and how much we move. 

Movement is also like medicine to the body! What we eat is too. 

You may not think you like exercising, but you know you need to look after your health….at S75 fitness we have a range of classes from the high intensity sweat fests, to the no impact strengthening and relaxation sessions such as yoga and pilates. 

Any bit of movement you choose to do will keep you healthier than you are now. 

We have 5 spaces left for a week’s free trial to start between now and July 5th. 

To nab one of those spaces either email us direct or book via our website 

Come down and let us show you how strong you really are……

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