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We are more than just a fitness studio. Our goal is to help men and women feel empowered to choose health and happiness over weight loss.

S75 Fitness is owned and run by Victoria Hudson – a competent and experienced trainer, food and nutrition coach, Ex-Royal Navy personnel, and advocate of mental wellness.

Victoria focuses on both your physical health and mental wellbeing, helping you make informed changes to your diet and learning to live in the moment to help you become fitter, stronger and feel more connected to the world around you.

If this all sounds interesting to you, then why not give us a try?

Our welcome offer includes unlimited access to all our classes and open gym sessions completely free for one week. All we ask for is a £10 deposit, which is refunded to you after you attend your first session.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or specific requirement, you can email Victoria at

We look forward to meeting you!


Our one week free trial is open to new members and gives you unlimited access to all our classes and open gym sessions. We do ask for a £10 deposit, which is refunded to you after you attend your first session.

To arrange your one week pass, contact us at or sign up online by clicking here

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We offer a range of flexible payment options, from pay as you go to access all areas, to suit all budgets. You can view our full payment options here:

We are based at The Business Village @BarnsleyBIC, Innovation Way, Barnsley S75 1JL.

Yes, Victoria is a qualified fitness instructor, a qualification she achieved whilst serving in the Royal Navy.

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S75 Fitness has been created to bring fitness, wellness and mental health all under one roof.
But we are so much more than a fitness and wellness studio. S75 Fitness is a community powerhouse and we pride ourselves on becoming your friend and helping you feel great - whatever your goals are.