The Bringer of Good News…..

Did you know today is BLUE Monday? Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year.

Talk about a way to make people feel depressed about it. By telling them they will feel depressed on this day. It’s like Steve Mckenna super powers, instead of saying ‘sleep’ you have the press telling you ‘it’s blue monday be depressed’ 

Today is supposed to be the day most people realise resolutions have been broken, people feel down in the dumps. 

Now this is EVERY YEAR, but this isn’t every year is it? It’s 2021…..

Surely any resolutions were broke by January 4th when reality hit with a ‘Here we go again’ Lockdown 3.0

We are stuck inside, and if you live up north, we have had a big dump of snow. I’m not complaining though, until 2 days later, you decide to go on a ‘nice winter walk’. 

Then you end up like bambi on ice, seeing your life flash before your eyes, wondering was it even worth it before you slip feet forward, head back, impale your back on a spiky rock and give yourself piles for life…… ‘Oh what a lovely country walk that was’ 

Anyway I’m here to be the ‘bringer of good news’ 

After radically accepting that S75 Fitness is not opening in the physical sense for a few months. 

I’ve decided I AM opening. Online! 

Yep. I won’t be offering the full timetable as planned when we are REALLY open. But I have a huge selection of sessions for you to choose from, including some lunchtime HIIT Express sessions which are only 30 mins long. 

It will be delivered via ZOOM. 

From January 25th it all starts and that week I have a week FREE trial to the first 10 people who get in touch.

All the details regarding how you sign up, how much membership will be, what you can expect is here (on my shiny new website! Eeeek I hope you like it!) This link will take you to the online timetable:!week-2021-01-31

And of course, you can contact me to ask any questions you might have…or to sign up 😉 

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  • Clare

    January 19, 2021 @ 7:26 am

    I swear if I didn’t have our lockdown zoom sessions over lockdown I would not have coped!!!

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