You don’t just gain fitness, emotional and physical strength, you also benefit from a fantastic training environment that creates a group of really strong women, empowering each other and cheering each other on no matter what. Since I have joined we have climbed mountains together, been on weekends away & of course got to know each other over gin & food with the socials which are organised. It’s not just a place I go to train, if you want it there is a whole community of girls who I am certainly now friends with for life.


I joined S75 Fitness after months of debating whether I could do it. Asking myself so many questions: Would I be fit enough? Would I fit in? Did I have the confidence to meet new people?  After my first session, I knew it was for me. I couldn’t have felt more welcome, Victoria is AMAZING at what she does and makes exercise fun. For me it’s not just a gym it’s a social group where we build each other’s confidence and push each other to achieve.


Training with Victoria is such a positive experience. She is super friendly and knowledgeable, whilst also knowing how far to push you so that you get the most out of each session and achieve your goals. She’s kept our spirits up throughout the 2020 lockdown with zoom sessions. I can honestly say I look forward to every session and I always come away buzzing.


My motivation in mainstream gyms had always been lacking, often ending with me stopping going 2 months into a 12 month membership.  From my first session, I was made to feel so welcome, not only by Victoria but the whole group. I have not only seen an increase in my fitness levels but also my confidence and that’s all thanks to Victoria (and the girls).  I now enjoy training, it’s a huge part of my life and I can not wait for everything S75 Fitness has to offer!


Leading up to my wedding Victoria had me training really hard and also massively overhauled my eating habits! If you are thinking about wanting to lose weight/tone up, eat better, or simply change your mental health for the better, contact Victoria. She will make you work hard but it will be the best decision you ever made.


I can honestly say that Vicki has changed my life. I walk taller, feel more confident and feel re-educated about what I eat. I understand what works now and people comment all the time on how I look. I still weigh roughly the same, but I’ve lost inches, look leaner, have definition on my arms and legs and can wear what I want. So thanks, Victoria, you have changed everything for me and I am so pleased I took that leap of faith.


I started with the goal to get bikini ready for a summer holiday. Since then, unlike previous years, I continued with the sessions and following her advice on what to eat as I was enjoying it so much. Thanks to Victoria I have now stopped striving for that bikini body that you see girls on Instagram modelling and I’m all about getting stronger and fitter than I was the week before.


Before I started training with Victoria I had no structure or support, I would go to the gym and give 60% effort and starve myself all week, only to undo any weight loss at the weekends. Since training with Victoria, I’ve seen so many positive changes to my body and I’ve finally found a good balance. I no longer feel like I’m constantly on a restrictive diet as I eat the food I love and enjoy every gym session, reaching my goal now doesn’t seem so impossible!