Trigger Point Pilates

To train your best, you need to recover and Trigger Point Pilates does just that.

This class was created for enhancing movement and increasing mobility, allowing your body to move in the ways we require with whatever life throws at us.

Mobility is important as it’s the movement of joints, whereas flexibility is the stretch of muscles. We need both to be able to move our best.

No matter what your sport or fitness activity you undertake, or if you just feel tight from being sat at a desk all day, Trigger Point Pilates could benefit you. It combines the core Pilates moves with myofascial pain management principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions and help restructure the body.

Trigger Point Pilates uses a foam roller and two trigger point balls. Every session is started by easing tension in the upper and lower back. The trigger point balls are then applied with gentle pressure to different areas of the body to release tight muscles or break down built-up tension due to overuse or injury.

It’s amazing how much looser you will feel in areas that hold stress and tension from just one session. Plus, it helps reduce the chance of injury so you can get back to lifting or the sport you love.

Here at S75 Fitness we encourage participation in all of our recovery sessions such as Yoga and Pilates. But if you take your fitness seriously, you train multiple times a week and you like to train HARD, then Trigger Point Pilates should become an essential part of your training week.

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