The Lady lifts

The Lady Lifts

Women are stronger than they give themselves credit for. These sessions were created six years ago by Head Coach, Victoria, aimed at teaching ladies how to get physically and mentally strong – knowing that you need both, and with one you can have the other.

These sessions involve working on correct form and technique for barbell workouts, squats, deadlifts and Olympic-standard lifts such as clean & press & snatch to help you train with confidence.

We always end with a functional cardio-based workout which involves gymnastics, weightlifting, and all things fitness – you can expect lots of burpees in these sessions!

To take part in these sessions you do need some experience with lifting. However, if you are brand new to it and it’s something you want to try, we have 1 month personal training packages which will teach you everything you need to know so you can join in these sessions.

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