Stretch Relax and Heal

We take mental health seriously. In today’s busy and hectic lives, we understand that sometimes what we are missing is that time where we stop, press pause, reconnect with the body and mind, and remember how to relax.

We also want you to have the best night’s sleep you have had in a long time!

This session is a relaxing stretching session followed by guided relaxation. We want to change the perception people have of meditation; it isn’t all chants and sitting on the floor. Meditation is whatever you want it to be. It’s about just being here in the moment, nowhere else and not thinking about your to-do list.

It’s about giving your mind 10 minutes in 24 hours to just ‘be’

If you are feeling overwhelmed, unsure on how to relax, or you just want some time to stretch and feel a bit better, please come along to this session. This class takes place once a week and is completely FREE to everyone, both members and non-members. If you are not a member please drop us an email to book on.

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