Catastrophes are Changemakers

We all know the quote “It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. Usually the dark clouds come first, then we can see the silver linings as the sun makes its breakthrough.  

S75 Fitness ‘opens’ today. Online of course, I am SO excited. Slightly nervous, I spent the last week having one or two meltdowns, questioning myself. Questioning everything, mostly worrying about nothing. Having an ‘anxious Annie’ week as I call it. 

(By the way – if you haven’t signed up yet. I have a week free trial starting today, I have opened up 3 more spaces for any late starters today. Link at the bottom) 

So to calm myself down, I took myself for a walk, turned my phone off and started to read my favourite magazine ‘Positive news’ 

“Some of the best business were started in the worst of times”

For example, The First World War speeded the women’s rights movement, after the guns silenced and the dust settled from the Second World War, the NHS was born. Great things can come from bad situations. 

Then, that dark cloud started to pass by so I could see the sunshine again. 

Everyone is talking about a new normal, but this doesn’t mean worse. Change can open up so many good things and opportunities, 2020 was tough. However it was the year people tried new things, noticed more about what is happening around them in the UK & in local communities. 

I think 2020 has got more people than ever out and about, exercising and aware of their mental health and wellbeing. People are starting to realise the importance of exercise, the importance of getting out and about. 

We have been so lucky in the UK that throughout the lockdowns, we have been able to go out and exercise once a day. My brother lives in Spain, and for months they couldn’t even leave the house unless it was to go to a shop, and then only 1 person per household a day could go. 

I honestly believe this has helped in a small way for people to realise exercise in any form, should be part of a daily routine, and not to change how we look but to change how we feel. 

This shows, by the interest I have had, for my Free Trial Week for S75 Fitness. People want to get fit, they want to feel better, and they understand now that you only need a small amount of time and space. (My 12.30 lunchtime HIIT Express classes have had loads of people booked on them for this coming week!) 

There is still time to sign up and try it out. All you need to do is sign up and book the sessions for this week. It is completely free, and you don’t need to enter your bank details. 

To take one of the final 3 spaces go here: Free Trial Week

Tonight also sees the return of ‘Stretch, Relax and Heal’ at 6.15pm. This session is free, and will always be free, even when we open up properly. This is a 45 min session to help you slow down, and heal the mind. To take part you can either sign up to the week’s free trial and book on that way, sign up with no membership and it will still allow you to book on or if you are still not sure – just email me before 4pm on Monday Jan 25th and i can send you the zoom link. 

I’ll be back next Monday 🙂

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